Mission Statement

THRA Mission Statement

Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada is a Not-For-Profit consumer driven group of former smokers who have quit smoking with the aid of tobacco harm reduction products THR . Our mission is to promote the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education, to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.

Our goal is to educate the public, including stake holders (politicians, journalists, editors, other associations), and address concerns regarding personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) and their safety, to dispel misconceptions and misinformation regarding these products


We seek to ensure, regional and international consensus on:

  1. The recognition of the relative safety of smoke free nicotine products.
  2. The need to avoid disproportionate regulation on the manufacture, distribution and the (overly) restrictive consumer access to these products
  3. The taxation of products as consumer goods, with no tobacco duties or excises applied
  4. That any restrictions on use in public areas and work spaces are justified on the basis of verifiable evidence
  5. Any decisions made to restrict or limit the use of alternative nicotine products in private premises should be left to individual owners/managers.
  6. That there should be no bans on the sale, supply, possession and use of safer forms of smokeless tobacco (eg snus), vaping products and E-Liquid containing nicotine, and where currently illegal they should be made legal.

It is imperative that the government do not directly or covertly seek to legitimize, condone or overlook regional regulations which seek to impose draconian bans or access to safer alternative nicotine products.

Along with INNCO we proposes that these goals are legitimate and are included in any legislative and regulatory frameworks that may be adopted in different jurisdictions.

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