Courtsey: Bill Godshall Update 2016-04-08

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update – April 8th, 2016

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Flavoring Ban, Vaping Bans, Smokeless Tobacco Use Bans, Minimum Age, Junk Science – Propaganda – Lies.

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THR Education and Advocacy

A Billion Lives’ World Premiere at Doc Edge Film Festival in New Zealand in May (for tickets)

Invitation to Tobacco Harm Reduction Conference, New York City, April 21, 216

Jeb Kinnison: Bootleggers and Baptists (highlights tobacco and anti-vapor policies, Godshall comments on DHHS policies that protect cigarette and drug markets by demonizing and banning lifesaving vapor products).

Kozlowski/Sweanor – Withholding differential risk information on legal consumer nicotine/tobacco products: The public health ethics of health information quarantines
“When the most deadly “disease” (smoking) is protected by FDA, it is as if needle-exchange programs had to prove no negative public health effects before being implemented—while heroin given via dirty syringes was sold over-the-counter.”

Jacob Sullum: Lying about smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes is like blocking access to clean heroin needles

Clive Bates: Mayo Clinic progresses from blatantly wrong to deeply misleading (highlights Mayo Clinic’s lies about smokeless tobacco and its recent response to Kozlowski/Sweanor article)

David Sweanor interviewed on vastly different risks of smokeless tobacco and cigarettes

Brad Rodu: Centers for Disease Control: Release Smokeless Stats

Regulator Watch: Elephant in the room – Clive Bates talks nicotine, harm reduction & public health

Regulator Watch: Clive Bates talks nicotine & social acceptance

UK Royal Society for Public Health e cigarette film (In sharp contrast with American counterparts, UK healthcare service providers encourage vaping for smoking cessation)

NEJM perspective by Green/Bayor/Fairchild
Evidence, Policy and E-cigarettes – Will England redefine the debate?
(article pits vaping supporters in UK with vaping opponents in US, but fails to acknowledge the many US vaping experts and advocates, and press release falsely claims a consensus exists in America that e-cigarettes are a public health threat).

NEJM interview with Amy Fairchild on public health recommendations regarding electronic cigarettes in England and the United States

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn criticizes Australian Medical Association’s prohibition policy on lifesaving vapor products; AMA responds by repeating false claims about vaping

Hospital executive says vaping could reduce cigarette smoke at hospital entrances

Matt Boucher: So what am I vaping anyway? (Ontario)

Gartner and Hall advocate improving vaping product research and surveillance

Survey of participants at VAPEXPO in Kiev (Ukraine) last week finds 82% of vapers are former cigarette smokers, 8% of vapers also smoke cigarettes, 90% of vapers were between 18-34, and 87% of vapers were male.
THR Business

The big smoke: Why e-smoking is flourishing (excellent article on the rapid growth of low cost vapor products in the UK)

Fontem Ventures sues 11 electronic cigarette makers for patent infringement

Fontem Ventures announces settlement agreement with VMR over US patent litigation

Independent British Vape Trade Association launched by Totally Wicked and others
Cigarette Business

22nd Century to begin selling low and high nicotine cigarettes in Australia, where its legal to sell new cigarette products, but illegal to sell far lower risk snus and vapor products.
FDA Deeming Ban

Clive Bates: Bluffer’s guide to FDA regulation of tobacco and nicotine products (comprehensively describes the TCA and FDA’s deeming ban, Godshall comments)

Clive Bates also posted the 158 page comment by Smokefree Pennsylvania’s Bill Godshall that was submitted to the FDA in June, 2015 analyzing the scientific and empirical evidence on vapor products and delineating hundreds of false and misleading claims about vapor products by Obama’s DHHS and its funding recipients since 2009.

AAF predicts President Obama will have until May 17, 2016 to issue regulations without fear the next Congress and the succeeding administration will use the Congressional Review Act to repeal his regulatory priorities.

Legacy lies initiative claims FDA issued the Deeming Regulation as April Fools stunt, portrays vaping prohibitionists celebrating and tobacco companies stunned, but fails to ethically disclose that the rule protects cigarette markets, threatens the lives of vapers and smokers, and creates huge black markets by banning >99.9% of nicotine vapor products.

Legacy lies initiative keeps lobbying FDA to protect cigarettes by lying about FDA’s Deeming Ban, unethically conflating risks of lifesaving vapor products and low risk cigars/hookah with deadly cigarettes, urges FDA to impose many more regulations on vapor products (after FDA’s Deeming Regulation bans >99.9% of the products)

FDA/NCI award $17.7 million for PATH study to Rosswell Park, which has been funded by DHHS to make many fear mongering claims about vapor products to lobby for FDA’s vapor products ban, and has lobbied for vaping bans in Buffalo and Erie County, NY.

DHHS funded vaping opponent Rebecca Williams absurdly claims vaping hasn’t helped smokers quit, criticizes smokers for searching internet for vapor products information

NCI/CA funded activists find teens can buy e-liquid online if unlawfully instructed and assisted to do so by activists, if unlawfully purchased by debit cards that were unlawfully provided by activists, if safe delivery addresses are provided by activists, and if police and prosecutors provide activists and teens with immunity from prosecution for intentionally violating criminal laws. Activists then claim their sting operation was a “study”, and tell news media that all teens can easily buy e-liquid online – to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA deeming ban.

ASH US (which demanded FDA ban e-cigarettes in 2009) and other prohibitionists falsely claim tobacco is leading cause of death (its cigarettes), absurdly claim tobacco marketing (but not prohibition laws) violates human rights treaties, urge countries to mpose draconian WHO FCTC policies

Two Brookline (MA) doctors petition town to ban all tobacco (and probably vapor product) sales to anyone born after 1995, Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University’s Mark Gottlieb offers to defend prohibition in court.

Indian Health Ministry urges seizure of all cigarette packs without large warnings

Cigarettes and Bidi manufacturers shut down operations in India in response to new law that requires warnings to cover 85% of packages.

California legislature admits holding anti vaping bill hostage to stall threat

California Senator Joel Anderson joins SFATA to oppose anti vaping legislation in CA

John and Ken interview SFATA’s Cynthia Cabrera about anti vaping legislation in CA
Vaping industry fights new smoking laws

California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) considers reinvesting in tobacco stocks after report found CalPERS lost $3.037 billion from 2001 to 2014 by divesting tobacco stocks from its portfolio

Legacy lies initiative’s Robin Koval criticizes CalPERS for reconsidering their divestment of tobacco stocks (despite zero evidence that divesting tobacco stocks has reduced cigarette consumption or smoking rates).
Washington State

Tacoma (WA) News Tribune editorial endorses recently enacted vapor regulation bill

American Cancer Society admits it wants lifesaving vapor products taxed at same rate as deadly cigarettes to stop more smokers from switching to vaping, and to protect cigarettes
“This tax at 92 percent of wholesale would create parity with cigarettes and other tobacco products, which will help eliminate the switching to e-cigarettes.”

Mike Siegel: American Cancer Society supports e-cigarette tax to keep youth smokers from quitting

CASAA urges Vermont vapers to oppose proposed 92% tax on vapor products

Vermont vape shops fight back against e-cigarette tax

Rob Port: Don’t treat vaping like smoking (North Dakota)

Altria responsibly urges Ohio legislators to tax smokeless tobacco by weight (instead of by price); THR opponent Micah Berman falsely conflates smokeless tobacco with deadly cigarettes, opposes weight based taxation because it would encourage smokers to switch to far less harmful smokeless tobacco.
Flavoring Ban

Boston convenience stores protest flavor ban
Vaping Bans

Vaping advocates to shut down streets of Toronto on April 9

David Sweanor interviewed about smoking, vaping and nicotine
The war on nicotine: Why we shouldn’t be so quick to ban vaping

Alaska Senate approves bill to ban vaping and smoking in workplaces, sent to House

Louisville (KY) Mayor Greg Fischer protects cigarettes by conflating lifesaving vaping with deadly smoking, proposing a vaping ban and ordering his Health Department “to begin a community conversation on this pressing issue” (i.e. to lobby to ban vaping)

CASAA urges Louisville (KY) vapers to oppose Mayor Fisher’s proposed vaping ban and to educate City Council members about vaping

CASAA urges Beaufort County (SC) vapers to oppose proposed vaping ban

Last Orders (Spike podcast with Christopher Snowdon, Tom Slater and Clair Fox on sugar tax, Wales’ botched vaping ban and the Puritanism of Generation Y, with vaping ban at 11:20 of podcast)

Extremist Winthrop (ME) City Council bans vaping on beach

Los Angeles activists who lobbied to ban vaping in workplaces by deceitfully redefining vaping as smoking want to ban vaping (and smoking) in condos and apartment buildings.
Smokeless Tobacco Use Bans

THR opponent Frank Pallone (D-NJ) repeats lies about smokeless tobacco risks, calls for Major League Baseball to ban players from using smokeless tobacco at baseball stadia

Major League Baseball Cmsnr endorses intolerant smokeless tobacco use bans (despite negligible risks for users, no risks for nonusers, health benefits for smokers who switch, unenforceable bans that exempt nearly identical Big Pharma nicotine products)

Eric Boehm – Nanny state of the week: In time for Opening Day, cities ban chewing tobacco at ballparks (Godshall comments)

Bob McGovern wisely inquires about enforcement of touted smokeless tobacco bans

NYC Mayor DeBlasio bans adults from using very low risk smokeless tobacco at sports and recreation facilities, CDC Director Tom Frieden and CTFK’s Matt Myers make more false fear mongering claims about smokeless tobacco.

Prohibitionist CTFK applauds DC Council member Yvette Alexander for introducing bill to ban adult smokeless tobacco use at all sports venues in City.

Legacy lies initiative deceitfully conflates low risk smokeless tobacco to deadly cigarettes, lobbies for more intolerant smokeless tobacco use bans
Minimum Age

Vermont House approves bill (H 93) to raise minimum age for sale of deadly cigarettes, low risk OTP and lifesaving vapor products to 21.

Illinois Senate Health Cmte approves bill (SB 3011) to raise minimum age for sale of deadly cigarettes, low risk OTP and lifesaving vapor products to 21.

Chicago Health Cmsnr Julie Morita deceitfully conflates lifesaving vapor products with deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP to defend new 21 minimum age sales law and taxes

Washington State AG Ferguson deceitfully claims he wants to raise cigarette sales and smoking age to 21 to protect public health, but hides fact that he’s been lobbying to also ban the sale of lifesaving vapor products and low risk OTP to anyone under 21.
Junk science, propaganda and lies

Tobacco Control devotes entire edition to e-cigarettes (with no smoking symbol on front cover), most articles protect cigarettes by demonizing vapor products and companies

NCI/CA funded USC’s Adam Levanthal, Sean Nordt & Brent Rose protect cigarettes by lying about and demonizing vaping, fail to acknowledge the many health benefits vaping has provided to millions of former and current smokers

Legacy lies initiative deceitfully conflates lifesaving vapor products, low risk cigars and hookah with highly addictive and deadly cigarettes on webpage titled both “e-cigarettes” and “tobacco products”

Legacy lies initiative recruiting more youths to spread more lies about vapor products, cigarettes, morbidity and mortality risks, nicotine, flavorings, smokeless tobacco, cigars, hookah, advertising and marketing practices, FDA’s deeming ban, and more.

Texas health department staffer deceitfully claims vaping causes popcorn lung to scare

News article touts false fearmongering claims about 3rd hand smoke by Jonathan Winickoff, who falsely accused all e-cigarette companies of target marketing to youth when promoting FDA’s unlawful e-cigarette ban in 2009 at an FDA press conference.

Activist researchers conflate risks of occasional hookah smoking with daily cigarette smoking (despite finding no evidence of actual lung damage) as FDA deeming ban looms for hookah (and vapor products)

Even ACSH falsely conflates occasional hookah use with daily cigarette smoking

– Bill Godshall
Godshall THR update 2016-04-08